Partnership Program

Receive 55% of the amount of tariffs of referred users during the first 6 months from the first payment!

27,5 $

Minimum payment per client

55 %

High % of each client

48 %

Registered users pay the tariff

Generate income with us - EASY!

Highly compensating and passive income!

Regardless of the rate and payment schedule of the customers you bring in, you get 55% of every payment within the system!

Ready-made tools and bundles for partners

We have developed and tested, customer engagement models, all marketing materials and provided them in "Tools"

Payments - When it's convenient for you!

After the client’s payment, your % is credited to your balance and you can order its withdrawal. Money will be transferred to you within 2 days from the moment of ordering payment!

Broad target audience

AI SMM tools are used by both ordinary bloggers and professionals - companies, self-employed people developing their social media, freelance SMM specialists and advertising agencies.

Extensive geography

Service is presented in 2 languages Russian and English. And connected payments in Rubles, Dollars, Euros, Crypto, thus you can promote the service to any audience of the earth step, for maximum profit!

Why with us - AMAZING!

Ready-made marketing materials!

Advertising banners, Texts for advertising, Target Audience Intelligence and materials for it, are already worked out by us and presented in the "Affiliate Network Tools!

Ready-made ad bundles with links to tools!

We have also developed some ready-made bundles for some and target audiences that don't require much investment and time, you can learn them and apply them to get your first clients!

Our tips are easy to apply!

Full training on working with the offered bundles, if you want to use them in your work!

Also for partners there is a chat consultation, where our marketers will help you with your advertising campaigns on request.

How much do they earn - OUR PARTNERS!

1 Month

800 +

Ad clicks

70 +

Registrations in the system

32 +

Payments to the system by users

1 162,97 $

Partner Earnings

2 Month

800 +

Ad clicks

70 +

Registrations in the system

32 +

Payments to the system by users

1 162,97 $

Partner earnings from new clients

930,38 $

Partner earnings from old clients prolong 80%
Passive income

2 093,34 $

Total earnings

3 Month

800 +

Ad clicks

70 +

Registrations in the system

32 +

Payments to the system by users

1 162,97 $

Partner earnings from new clients

1 674,67 $

Earnings partner from old clients prolong 80%
Passive income

2 837,56 $

Total earnings

How to become our partner

Step 1

Fill out the application on the website!

Leave an application - to participate partner program - manager will contact you

Step 2

Sign the papers!

Sign the partnership agreement on the company's website.

Step 3

Promote the system!

Post materials with a referral link or recommend the service to your friends.

Step 4

Get paid!

Track statistics in your personal cabinet and earn 55% from each referral and their payment.

Sign up and start earning

If you have any questions

Referral program is a simplified form of cooperation under a "contract of offer". Partners recommend AI SMM services and receive remuneration for attracting new clients.

Register on the "referral program" page by clicking on the "Become an affiliate" button - it won't take more than a minute. You will be able to start working immediately.

Anyone can join the partnership: both legal entities and individuals from anywhere in the world. Please note that the self-employed participate in the program as individuals.

Here are some tips:

  • Place ads on the first screen so users immediately see them when they go to the page.
  • Use more banners with targeted products.
  • Don't forget about SEO optimization of your website.

Please note that links inside widgets are not indexed in search and do not affect SEO optimization.

To recommend the AI SMM service, use the tools of the partner account. Each of them has a unique affiliate code embedded in it, which allows you to understand exactly what you "liked".

AI SMM provides partners with tools to promote services free of charge. In the partner's cabinet there are ready-made referral links, banners for websites and social media, widgets, commercial offers. Use them to recommend services online.

Remuneration is credited immediately after the payment of the client brought by you. Earned money is transferred to the partner's bank account or self-employed card. You can track the status of applications and client payments in your cabinet.

Number of users registered and paid for the tariff using the referral link. How much the partner has earned and withdrawn funds, how much is booked and not yet withdrawn. History of accruals for each referral. History of payments to the partner for the whole period.