Promotional tools

Bonuses to new partners!

Bonuses are available immediately after registration

1 - WhatsApp mailing service

for 1 month up to 100 numbers at a time

2 - Arbitration course via WhatsApp

Full instructions on how to drive cheap traffic from Whatsapp

3 - 7 Free Audience Base Fees.

We will collect a database of numbers for your desired target audience and provide for further work with it


Partner network indicators

4 -Day

Time for which the user will be bound to the program after clicking the banner, without registration in the system.

12 -Days

Average time, payment by the client after registration in the system.

1107 $

Average partner's earnings from 100 clicks on the advertising campaign (per quarter by users attracted from these 100 clicks)

15,84 %

CR Conversion rate (ratio of clicks to targeted actions.) for the most recent quarter.

Recommendations and rules of use

  • If uncoordinated creatives are detected, the publisher is sent to the blacklist and payments are not paid!
  • Own advertising materials should be coordinated with your personal manager or via tickets in your personal cabinet.
    Important! Offers must correspond to what is posted on the advertiser’s site. It is forbidden to place fake, expired and misleading offers to the user. Otherwise you will be disconnected from the program and orders will be canceled. (1 time warning, 2 times full disconnection from the program)