Automation, inspiration and all your social media in one place

AI SMM helps you come up with and create content in just a few clicks. And you'll never have to leave the dashboard of our system.

Your personal copywriter

Know what you want to publish but need help writing it? Give AI SMM a hint and it will give you the post you need using expert copywriting formulas. Or rewrite an existing post to your specifications

Quality content

Let your most effective content work for you over and over again. AI SMM analyzes your posts and those of your competitors and suggests the best posts to recycle for your content.

Inspiration for content

AI SMM is a powerful social media post generator that keeps your publishing calendar full and engages your audience.

Step 1

Connecting the right profiles!

You can integrate the following social networks via the official API.

Step 2

Training AI SMM to be your SMM manager

To do this, create a new company and fill in the information about it

1.Social networks that are relevant to the company
2.Brand name
4.Brief description

Step 3

Select the data provided by AI about your company

Based on your competitors, their followers and posts, the system will provide you with data for its learning curve

Target audience
Your business benefits and talking points
Your brand's social media goals and voice
Content types
Keywords for SEO
Brand messages

Choose the basic data that fits your company and add your own

Step 4

Customize each of your company's social networks

In the company, you can add your preferences for each social network to optimize the content that the artificial intelligence will create for it:

Social Network Voice
Content language
Content types
Number of posts
Profile Goals

These settings will allow you to get better content!

Additionally, you can select social networks to duplicate content in another language!

Step 6

Create content with AI SMM and your company!

Go to the AI SMM module and select your company. The system will ask you to select settings

Content language
Date on which to start creating content
How many posts per week
How long you want the content for
General post types

All that's left is to click on prepare content plan!

Step 6

Approve your proposed Content Plan

The system will analyze your competitors and determine the best topics for publication in social networks, as well as the optimal time for publication for each social network selected by you, based on this analysis we will offer you a content plan for 4 weeks in advance

Step 7

Check out the publications created for you and add photos to them.

The system will write the text of the publications and schedule them in your calendar, all you have to do is check them and add a photo

When editing a post, use AI SMM

The system will also help you edit the created post, add emoticons to it or change the style of presentation, as well as change the post itself according to your task!

In the post editing interface you will always see how the post looks like in one or another social network, as well as the available media to add.

Additional time-saving content tools for working with content

Is there a typo or wrong message in the text? Not sure if the tone is right?

Click AI SMM under the post and set it a task, it will rewrite the publication itself, focusing on the social network to which the post is created and on your audience of followers in this social network

With Adobe Express and Canva's built-in tool, you can access thousands of beautiful templates from your AI SMM dashboard. No more switching between your favorite tools.

Get more attention to your content with AI SMM hashtag generator. Automatically give you relevant hashtags based on the title and image of your post.

Engage more people by scheduling your content to show at the times when your audience is most likely to be interested. AI SMM analyzes your most effective posts and other signals to offer the best timing recommendations, and when composing AI SMM-based posts, it will analyze your competitors and determine the best times and dates for content based on audience behavior.

Our tariff prices

1$ for testing the platform

7-day test period for familiarization with the platform


$ 50

/ 1 month

Suitable for personal use


$ 120

/ 1 month

Suitable for the company


$ 280

/ 1 month

Suitable for small projects and microbusinesses

Bonuses for our customers after activation of the tariff

Everything important in one multi-link

Everything important in one multi-link

Combine social media and messenger audiences with a single link, you create a website from your phone in one touch: without a computer, designer or programmer. On your own in a couple of minutes.

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They help to build up a contact base of loyal customers, inform visitors about upcoming promotions, sales, distribute promo codes, discounts and more. Pop-ups have a direct impact on customer conversions and sales growth.

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AI SMM is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It uses Data from different social networks, publications of different people and companies, as well as data on the reaction of users to these publications, Additionally, this system is equipped with GPT to maximize the beauty of the text and its design

Never! AI SMM will not publish your content automatically. You always have the opportunity to view and edit it first — you are the boss.

And don't worry that AI SMM will somehow interfere with your approval process. It integrates with the approval workflows that you have already set up, so you can be sure that all posts created by AI are brand-compliant before they are published.

AI SMM is not just another GPT plugin, it is a separate neural network that analyzes social networks, subscribers of different groups, and based on the analysis determines your target audience, writes a content plan, and then writes publications based on the behavioral characteristics of the audience of a particular social network.

You need to register with AI SMM to fully experience artificial intelligence. For a limited time, all AI SMM customers and anyone with a trial version can try it for free.