What is AI SMM?
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How it Work

The advantages of using are clear: Save time, grow fast, and get real results on social media.

2000+ worldwide


Automatic content creation & analysts

After training artificial intelligence, the system will autonomously begin to create a content plan for you. Based on your audience’s reactions to the content, it will optimize new publications to attract clients.

Artificial Intelligence

We train AI SMM for each company individually by collecting the content and subscribers of your competitors who are actively promoted, with your additional fine-tuning

Robust technical support

Our technical support is always ready to assist you and can schedule a ZOOM conference to help you fully configure and optimize the AI SMM operations.

Frequently Asked Questions
about our service

Who uses Ai SMM?

Anyone who uses social media can use Ai SMM! There are Ai SMM plans for individuals, small social media teams, and enterprise businesses in industries ranging from education, hospitality, fashion, tech, digital marketing agencies and everything in between.

How do I use Ai SMM?

To use Ai SMM, start by creating an account, enter the required social networks and describe your business. After this, you will need to determine your target audience and approve the proposed content plan! All this is just a couple of clicks. Then you can start managing social networks!

What are the benefits of Ai SMM?

There are plenty of benefits to using Ai SMM such as the ability to manage all your social profiles from a single platform, in-depth analytics to understand how your brand is performing on social and an easy way to collaborate with coworkers or clients.

How does the free trial work?

Our free trial version allows you to explore Ai SMM for just $1 for a 7-day period! You can subscribe to a monthly or annual plan at any time during the trial or after its expiration.

Customers fall in love with our platform from the very first use.

35+ social networks to maintain

AI SMM transformed my social media marketing experience. Managing 35 platforms and creating content in 7 languages significantly expanded reach. In just 2 months, clients increased tenfold, thanks to the ability to penetrate new markets. The system quickly adapted, optimized strategies, and made my campaigns more efficient. A big thanks to the development team! I highly recommend this powerful tool for expanding business on social media.

Alexa Loverty

Alexa Loverty

Marketing Specialist
Alexa Loverty

19+ social networks to maintain

Thanks to AI SMM, our construction company has significantly streamlined social marketing processes. Content creation now takes just a few minutes, and we spend no more than 20 minutes per week checking and interacting with posts from AI SMM. This has freed up a considerable amount of time that we now invest in strategic business development. Grateful to the team for revolutionizing our marketing approach!

Maxine Butler

Maxine Butler

Founder "My builder"
Maxine Butler

284+ social networks to maintain

Your system has transformed my life in SMM. Now, thanks to AI SMM, I manage 10 client projects in just 4 hours a day. The content generated by the service requires no extra effort, as it aligns with client niches and even predicts future viral trends. Thanks for the innovations that have made my work much more efficient!

Hugh Saturation

Hugh Saturation

SMM Manager
Hugh Saturation

Save Time Managing Your Business With Our Best Services

Ai SMM is packed with a plethora of tools and features that will take your social media game to the next level! Here's what it can do:

General functions

Rewrite & edit
the post

Use the built-in AI SMM in the post editor, which can modify or entirely create a post based on your trained campaign, incorporating your idea with subtle adjustments.

Creating reports

Yes, you can create and send unlimited presentation-ready reports in Ai SMM. With Ai SMM Social’s suite of reports, your brand can track metrics related to audience growth, reach, impressions, engagement and more. Also, with our Report Builder you can create custom reports with the metrics most important to your brand.


Convenient calendar

Plan and track scheduled content in the calendar for each date, or filter based on specific criteria.


Creative Designer

Utilize the built-in creative builder with artificial intelligence and various templates to create the best cover for your post.

Integrated with 20+ social networks

Google Busines

We will try to do more integrations for you

Get Started for $1. Add a Plan Later.

Simplify your work with an integrated ecosystem that allows you to manage your social networks correctly and quickly.

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Suitable for personal use



  • 5 social media profiles
  • Creation of 1 company
  • Content plan and posts for 1 month at 3 publications per week
  • 20 Technical Tasks for Social Media Stories
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Suitable for the company



  • 14 social media profiles
  • Creation of 2 companies
  • Content plan and posts for 1 month at 3 publications per week
  • 20 Technical Tasks for Social Media Stories
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Suitable for small projects and microbusinesses



  • 42 social media profiles
  • Creation of 3 companies
  • Content plan and posts for 1 month at 6 publications per week
  • 80 Technical Tasks for Social Media Stories
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