Open vacancies in AI SMM

We have several hiring steps, each of which helps us realize that we are 100% right for each other. We tell you about the main ones, they vary from job to job and won’t necessarily beт в вашем случае.

Sales Manager

  • Work experience from 1 year
  • Remote / office
  • Salary. From 850$ + %

Negotiations with marketing agencies and SMM agencies on the use of our service in their work and connection to the Referral Program

Customer service specialist

  • Work experience is not important
  • Remote / office
  • Salary from 550$
  • knowledge of AI and IT

The main task is to support the kleints that are built through chat or loudly on the AI SMM website, help them set up the system, and explain the principles of operation.

An adjacent work schedule is possible

SEO expert with experience

  • Experience from 3 Years
  • Remote / office
  • Salary from 850$
  • Successful jobs are a must

Audit of projects, internal and external optimization of the site; Deep analysis of competitors and search results; Conducting work on usability and increasing the conversion rate of the site; Creating a semantic kernel, analysis of key queries; Working with analytics systems – Yandex Metric / Google Analytics; Building a link profile, drafting TOR on SEO-texts. Continuous professional growth, studying all the latest changes in algorithms; Maintaining reporting on tasks.

PHP Programmer Middle

  • Experience from 2 Years
  • Remote / office
  • Salary from 1 500$
  • Successful performance is a must

– Knowledge of PHP 8+, MySQL/MariaDb, Smarty.

– Understanding of OOP principles (knowledge of SOLID principles)

– Availability of at least one work with stack (PHP + Mysql + HTML + JavaScript)

– Knowledge of HTML5 + CSS3 layout technologies

– Ability to connect/refine JavaScript code

How to get hired at AI SMM

Write a resume

Tell us about yourself, where you've worked and why you want to be part of our team. This way, we can learn more about you and ask substantive questions at the first meeting.

Come in for an interview

Interview The first interview can be a phone call, a Skype conversation or a face-to-face meeting - whatever the format, the goal is to get to know each other better, to see how our vision and goals match. We can also invite you for a technical interview to find out the breadth of your professional interests, knowledge and skills. Organize a meeting in the form of an assesment - a group interview in the format of a business game.

Make a test assignment

We value professionalism and non-standard solutions, so we may ask you to show your skills on a small task. To do this, we choose one or two tasks that match the vacancy and ask you to tell us how you would solve them. This doesn't require a lot of time - usually a few hours is enough. If you need more - we always meet your needs. Test results are never used for commercial purposes!

To prove yourself at the final meeting

The selection process is completed by a final meeting with the manager, where you can discuss all the nuances of the job, talk through the tasks and your expectations. Sometimes, in addition to the manager, the whole team gets together to ask questions and get to know each other better - it's not just the professional qualities of the new employee that are important to us, but also how comfortable they will be working with each other.

Accept the offer and prepare documents

If we fit each other, you will receive an offer - an official document with an invitation to work. It outlines the working conditions, salary, compensation and other details of working at AI SMM. In addition to the offer, the letter includes a list of documents you need to prepare for employment, as well as instructions on where and when to come for registration.

Questions and answers


Sending your resume is an important stage where we get to know you beforehand. It is essential to understand how to prepare for a face-to-face meeting or call and make it as productive as possible. Send your resume through the website or by e-mail: then we will 100% see it and carefully store it in the database (it will not be carried out the window by the wind, it will not get lost among other documents). And if our cooperation does not work out now, we will keep the history of communication and we can return to your resume in the future.

Write about your education, work experience, tasks you have performed, and your life goals, interests and hobbies. It is great if you describe in detail the projects you have realized - professional or academic, technologies, practices, skills that will be useful for your future work. Also indicate your salary expectations and contacts for feedback: e-mail, phone number.

Send DOC, TXT, RTF, PDF, RAR or ZIP files no larger than 2.9 MB. If the job involves a portfolio, add a link to the materials. Another option is to send a link if you have a ready-made resume on a job site (, or other).

We will respond to you within 3 working days. Expect an email from us with information about the timeframe for reviewing your resume, feedback options, and contact information for your hiring manager. If you have not received a response in 3 business days, check your spam folder in your inbox. If you can't find the email, please email with the job you applied for.

Generally, resumes are reviewed within 7 business days. If the vacancy has special consideration or the job is temporarily suspended (например, из-за отпуска руководителя), мы обязательно об этом сообщим в ответном письме.

When we receive your resume, we make sure to send an acknowledgement of receipt within 3 business days, usually sooner.

If your application is approved, we will call or email you to set up a meeting or offer you a test assignment.

If we have not contacted you after this time, it means that we are not yet ready to continue contacting you about the vacancy. Your resume will be saved in our database, and we will consider you for the position when it becomes available.


We are attentive not only to current employees, but also to potential employees, so we have several stages of recruitment, no matter what vacancy you are applying for.

  • Getting to know the hiring manager is the first meeting, we will clarify the information you provided in your resume, learn about your professional plans and interests, and answer your questions. This communication can take place at our office or by phone/skype (if, for example, you are in another city).
  • A test assignment is a mini-modeling of future work situations. Its fulfillment will help to evaluate your professional level, and it will be useful for you to understand the specifics of future work. We do not use the results of the test work in any way, except to communicate with you. Sometimes the test assignment is the first step.
  • If you successfully pass the first two stages, we will invite you to a meeting with potential colleagues and supervisor.

This is the general scheme, there are additional stages, for example technical interview, where the conversation will go only on professional topics, also you may be asked to solve a problem here and even more than one.

At the meeting we will ask you about your professional knowledge, skills, work preferences and motivation. It is also important for us to understand your interest in the job you are applying for. Familiarize yourself with the tasks involved and think about why you would like to do it. Be sure to read more information about our company, its products and services. We appreciate when an applicant makes a conscious move into our business.

At the interview, we may ask you to confirm information from your resume related to your professional skills. Depending on the position you are applying for, we may ask you to write a piece of code, compose an algorithm, draw a variant of the interface, evaluate the project promotion strategy, suggest sales channels, etc. In response, we will definitely give you full information about the vacancy, the company, the department where the job is open.

By offering to perform a test task, we want to evaluate your professional skills and knowledge, see how you think, and understand how your vision of the task corresponds to our presentation. The solutions you send us are by no means a collection of ideas - we respect your work. We do not use the results of test papers in any way except to communicate with you.

If you have been interviewed by a hiring manager or supervisor, we will let you know the decision either way. Most of the time we will respond in writing within 7 working days. But the response may be delayed if we are waiting to meet with other candidates and cannot make a decision on your candidacy without this. After the meeting you will have personal contact details for your hiring manager - please write and ask for an exact response within that period.

Yes, we offer a discounted rate with special terms and conditions for nonprofit organizations. Contact us to discuss via support chat.

There are no special rules. If you are rejected for one vacancy, you can apply for another if you meet its requirements better. And yet the most successful re-interview stories are when a candidate has gained additional work experience in another company, become professionally stronger and then came back to us for an interview.