Frequently Asked Questions AI SMM

AI SMM is a versatile social media management tool. It allows you to plan, publish, and track performance across all your social networks from a single monitoring panel. The main feature of the service is its proprietary artificial intelligence. Through competitor analysis and examination of their followers, it trains a sophisticated model to become your SMM manager. This virtual manager considers itself a part of your company. Based on system data, it autonomously generates unique content plans for each social network. It then crafts publication texts and determines the optimal time for posting. All you need to do is add a photo.

Anyone using social media can benefit from AI SMM! AI SMM offers plans for individuals, small social media groups, and corporate enterprises. You can utilize AI SMM to expand your online presence. Professionals across all industries leverage AI SMM for social media management. It's an excellent choice for those working in highly regulated sectors, including government healthcare, finance, and higher education. *AI SMM is FedRAMP certified, ensuring the security of cloud services for the U.S. government. This makes it an outstanding option for government institutions seeking safer ways to engage with their communities.

AI SMM offers a plethora of tools and features to help you advance in the realm of social media. It can:
  • Independently analyze your competitors and their followers.
  • Generate content plans and create publications based on them.
  • Notify you about the optimal times to post on social media to garner more attention.
  • Post messages across multiple social networks from a single location.
  • Schedule hundreds of posts in advance.
  • Plan social media publications for all your networks in one place.
  • Save time with content and template libraries.
  • Engage customers by responding to comments and mentions on all your platforms in one place.
  • Monitor mentions, reviews, and conversations about your brand.
  • Listen to competitors and keep track of industry trends.
  • Identify and fill gaps in your content calendar.
  • Track your social media performance and quickly generate reports.
  • Learn which posts perform better than others and why.
✨ Pro Tip: The best way to explore all the capabilities of AI SMM is to subscribe to the trial version of the system and experience it firsthand.

To start using AI SMM, begin by creating an account and selecting the plan that suits your needs. After registration, you'll be prompted to connect your social media profiles to the management panel. From there, you can plan, schedule, publish, and track performance all in one tab.

Certainly! If you'd like to witness AI SMM in action across various social media platforms?

All the pricing plans for our system are listed on the pricing page.

Features & Products

Yes, you can create and send unlimited presentation-ready reports in Ai SMM. With Ai SMM Social’s suite of reports, your brand can track metrics related to audience growth, reach, impressions, engagement and more. Also, with our Report Builder you can create custom reports with the metrics most important to your brand.

You can comfortably use Ai SMM from any device via a browser. Unfortunately, there is no separate official application or extension yet

How to use AI SMM

First of all: Register on the platform. If you are a new user, the dashboard will guide you through the setup process. If you have already connected an account, you can add another one by going to the profiles tab in the right panel and clicking on the desired social network

AI is trained through the analysis of competitors' social networks, as well as the analysis of their subscribers.

To learn how to fine tune AI, you need to go through several steps
1. Add the necessary social networks in the Accounts tab
2. Go to the "Company" tab and click "create a company"
3. Select social media profiles belonging to this company
4. Enter the information requested by the system
- The main language of the content
- Type of company "Blogger" "Company" "Expert"
- The brand name of the company
- Niche of the company (for example, "Construction of frame houses")
- Description of the activity
- Social media goals
5. The system will collect your competitors and their subscribers, analyze them from the list and provide detailed information about how it sees the management of your social networks
6. Correct what AI SMM suggests and create

Now you can use the training model to generate content and posts based on it, as well as use a thin model to create content from the post creation tab

AI SMM independently adjusts its settings based on the reaction of your subscribers on social networks. but it can also be adjusted manually,
to do this, go to the "Company" tab and click on the desired one

After that, select any parameter and add what you have added or changed in your activity, and the AI will begin to take these factors into account

To do this, go to the AI SMM tab in the right panel

Before doing this, check if you have created a company.

Choose the right company,
In the new tab, select for how long and which content from the available AI SMM can be used

The system will analyze your competitors and find trends in publications, on this basis, it will draw up a plan that includes
-- Time and date of publication
- Individual content for each social network of the company
- A marketing campaign for the post
- The text of the post (prepositional short)

After the approval of the content plan, the system will generate and schedule posts on its own,

All you have to do is add photos to the content

To do this, add several profiles of 1 social network to the company, then add them as "subsidiaries to the main profile" and configure the languages in each child profile.

When planning a publication in the parent group, the system will independently translate and schedule the post to all child groups, and the content will be released in several languages

AI SMM Partners

Yes, we have an affiliate program for anyone interested. We are ready to pay up to 55% of each payment made by the clients you bring in during their first 6 months on the platform. To receive payouts from the affiliate program in the form of cash or a bank transfer, you will need to sign an agency agreement with us.

For us, it's important that partners adhere to our regulations regarding work and the traffic sources used. We have detailed instructions and requirements for partners outlined on a separate page of the website. Please familiarize yourself with it before starting to attract clients. If we observe any violations of these regulations, we reserve the right to withhold payments for all clients acquired through these channels.

Requirements for formatting informational resources.

Requirements for partner groups on social networks.

Requirements for partner websites.

To become a partner of the AI SMM service and earn by assisting people in automating social media with artificial intelligence, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Register on the website.
  2. Go to the partner program module.
  3. Attract at least one client to have a partner balance.
  4. Apply for a withdrawal of funds; the system will request data from you, which we will verify to understand where you are bringing in clients.
  5. After verifying your client sources, you will be informed of the results. If they are positive, you can request fund withdrawal to any bank card or your company's settlement account.