Adding team members

When you work as a team it is very important to work from one dashboard collaboratively, tracking stats, reports and launching new newsletters

1) Go to add team members and edit permissions

  1. Select “Commands.”

2) Creating

  1. Click “Add Team Member”
  2. Write your email (an invitation will be sent to it)
  3. Select permissions
  4. Click add
  5. Wait for the person to join you

3) What permits are available 

  1. Dashboard (statistics)
  2. WhatsApp all about working with mailing list and adding accounts
  3. Accounts account management
  4. File Manager (Add and delete photos)
  5. Group Accounts (Merge accounts into groups)
  6. Templates (Create new template messages)
  7. Teams (Add and edit team members)
  8. Short Links (Conduct integration with your short link service)
  9. OpenAI (Ability to create texts based on OpenAI

4) An email will be sent to the mailbox of the person you invited.

  1. You need to follow the link
  2. Register using the same email account (that you added)
  3. The user will be able to switch between accounts