Creating Creatives from AI SMM with templates

Sometimes it happens that there is no time to develop creatives or come up with a design!

We have adobe integration sewn into our system for that.

You can use it in several areas

  1. File Manager
  2. From the interface for creating and editing posts

How to use it!

First, you need to understand what is in the interface

  1. Different elements that you have used and proposed
  2. Ready-made variations of creatives, by group
  3. Adding different text and elements with the design
  4. Gallery of photos
  5. Different elements of shapes to use
  6. Different design elements to use in creatives
  7. Backgrounds for creatives
  8. Premium Logos feature
  9. The menu items you have selected are displayed
  10. The creative itself and how to work with it
  11. Layers of the creative that you can select and edit
  12. Element editing panel

This system gives you tons of opportunities to be creative and create creatives or photo posts without any knowledge of design or styles!