Combining accounts into projects and groups

For ease of publishing It is best to divide accounts into account groups or what we call projects!

As an example:
For publishing videos we choose – Instagram, YouTube and TikTok
For regular posts about business -, Instagram, Linkedin Group and so on.
For personal posts as an expert on your own behalf – FB Personal Profile and so on.

And then when creating a post or using AI SMM, we select the desired group of accounts or accounts by ourselves.

How to create a group of accounts

First, let’s go to the interface for creating a group of accounts by selecting “Tools” from the menu and then “Projects”

Next, click “Create Project” as in the screenshot below

Now write the name of the group and select the accounts that will be included in it

Once created, it will be displayed in the main “Projects” menu You will also be able to edit this group as needed

How to use the created account group

When creating a post, click “Select accounts to publish” After that, click on the “Projects” icon and select the desired project, then the groups included in this group will be immediately selected for publication