Three important updates that appeared on Instagram in October 2023.

Three important updates that appeared on Instagram in October 2023.

  1. Instagram is enhancing the “Notes” feature..
  2. Instagram is testing a 10-minute video format..
  3. Update for links in the profile

“Notes” on Instagram are getting improvements: now you can add location, videos can be longer – up to 10 minutes, and the functionality of links in the profile description is significantly expanded.

Instagram is enhancing the "Notes" feature.

Notes on social media provide users with a quick opportunity to share news about their life in 60 characters. This feature makes it easier to start a conversation, as it’s clear in what mood the interlocutor is and what they would like to talk about.

The popularity of this feature, especially among the youth, has led to the creation of new innovations that contribute to closer communication.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, enthusiastically notes that the ability to add location tags to notes enhances communication.

Instagram is testing a 10-minute video format.

Currently, Instagram is conducting internal tests to extend the duration of video clips to 10 minutes. Strategically considering this possibility, it will become a direct competitor to YouTube Shorts and TikTok. This update will provide content creators with significant advantages.

The increased duration will allow for the creation of more detailed video content, both for entertainment purposes, such as comedic sketches, and educational content ranging from recipes and self-care tips to historical lessons.

In addition, this will solve the issue for viewers who have to search for the next parts of a video due to time restrictions, by allowing them to access the complete information directly in the account feed.

Update to profile links

The new Instagram update significantly simplifies the process of adding links to the profile biography. Now, the feature is available in settings, where you can open “Edit Profile,” choose the “Links” section, and easily add an external link in the desired order for the user or company.

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