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Registration and trial period

In this article we will tell you in detail about registration on the service and the trial period.

Trial period

Immediately after registration you will have access to a free test period for 7 days of the tariff “Business”, you can register in the system by clicking here

Duration of the trial period 7 days

After registration, you will get to the main page of the service, where you will see the following functionality

  1. Dashboard
  2. General statistics of posts and publication reports
  3. Create posts
  4. Self-create and schedule posts for the social networks of your choice
  5. Bulk posting
  6. With the CVS template you can schedule your own publications by uploading them from anywhere and the service itself will distribute them to the desired social networks, times and dates.
  7. Analytics
  8. System of analytics of activity and audience of your FB, Instagram, Twitter profiles.
  9. AI SMM
  10. A module that will independently propose a unique content plan and write publications for social networks based on our neural network.
  11. Drafts
  12. Create drafts of posts and save them in the database, with the ability to edit or modify them later on
  13. Schedule
  14. Previously planned publications in social networks are distributed in a convenient calendar with the ability to quickly go to their editing
  15. Accounts
  16. Ability to add social media profiles for further publication of posts and AI-based content creation.
  17. File Manager
  18. Add a photo or video with a link to it
  19. Create photos or creatives using template options with the builder
  20. Create folders to easily find and work with photos
  21. Upload photos in bulk simply by transferring them to the site
  22. Tools
  23. Includes tools such as
  24. Post templates
    Save posts in templates and use them in the future
  25. Projects
    Combine accounts into specific projects so you don’t have to constantly select them when scheduling posts
  26. Watermark
    Create watermarks on your photos that will be applied automatically for each account, you can create a separate watermark.
  27. Teams
  28. Add team members to your interface and work together, additionally give them permission to only do what you want them to do
  29. Proxies
  30. Ability to add proxies and add them to specific accounts
  31. Your personal account
  32. Contains your account and tariff settings
  33. Account
    Add User Avatar
    Time zone
  34. Change Password
    Change your system password
  35. Plan
    Change your current plan and learn your current rate
  36. Settings
    Ability to add your Twitter account using your API
    Connecting a link shortener service

*Суд признал Meta (Instagram и Facebook) экстремистской организацией и запретил в России деятельность корпорации по реализации социальных сетей.