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Connecting Telegram

How to add Telegram to Autoposting

Adding Telegram to Autoposting is done in a different way from other social networks. For other social networks it is enough to add an account to Dashboard – the account will automatically appear in the Autoposting module. With Telegram, however, the case is a bit different.

To add a Telegram channel to Autoposting, click on “Accounts” in the menu and then on the Select Accounts button:

Next, you need to click on the desired social network To add an account:

In the next step, detailed connection instructions will be available:

Go to the bot at the @BotFather link or search for the @BotFather bot in a Telegram search:

Start a dialog with the bot with the /start command:

Send him the /newbot command to start creating your bot:

@Botfather will ask you to come up with a name and nickname for the bot. The nickname can be anything, but must end in bot. We advise you to make the nickname and name the same.

After that, @BotFather will send you a token.

Token is an access key to connect the bot with the service. Insert it in the “API Token” field in the window of adding TG-channel to Autoposting.

Then, add the created bot to the administrators of your TG channel through the “Info/Info” section and give it permissions to create and edit posts.

To add it as an admin, first add it as a user

After that we add this bot to administrators

Write any message to the group

Go to the AI SMM service and click “REPLACE”

Get our channel, and add it with a check mark and “Add Profile”

The Telegram channel is up and running.